Sexy Paris Hilton eating hamburger

January 9, 2008 at 5:55 pm (Uncategorized)

paris-hamburger.jpgYes, it is true. Surprisingly, famous heiress of Hilton’ hotels, Paris Hilton, is shooting an advert for Carl’s Jr. restaurant chain. The advert is being controversial for its sexual content and connection between rich beauty Paris Hilton and greasy hamburgers. Moreover, the advert is misplaced sexualy because of Hilton’s almost naked body in little bikini and car washing. When people saw this advert, they asked a question what is the commercial for? For Paris’s new song, for a car or is it really a hamburger commercial?
Lets watch the video to see hot body of Paris and hamburger……
The ad, for a US West Coast hamburger chain called Carl’s Jr showed swimsuit-clad Hilton cavorting on top of a Bentley with a sponge, hose and burger in hand. The spot was racy enough to generate protest from the morals lobby. And that enabled the chain to put the ad on its website so that the public could “judge for itself”. Suddenly the 30-second spot became a sequel: another raunchy Paris Hilton tape on the internet and, by definition, a must-see event to savour privately. Enough thrill-surfers – the people who spent hours chasing the original tape across the web two years ago – logged on that the Carl’s Jr site crashed, the company proudly announced. It seemed to prove the simple proposition that if you show Paris Hilton, add something sexy, they will come.
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  1. martin1854 said,

    Very interesting topic. I like your analysis of it Linda. You made a very good point that there is no connection between Paris Hilton, Hambergers and washing the Car. It is very clear that the company has just used her erotic image to connect it with hambergers. And this misleading connection should attract more customers. But are we going to buy hamburgers just because Paris eats them why washing a car? I do not agree.

  2. Bianca said,

    Well, it is pretty obvious that sex sells, and Paris Hilton is the ultimate sex symbol. I think that Carls Jr. was really desperate, with all the fast food chains that are competing to be #1, they had to do something extreme in order to draw attention to their burgers. By using Paris Hilton the company got exactly what they wanted, tons of media attention and their profits increased substantially. So, even though the advertisement was banned from television, they fast food chain still got more customers, more media, more everything. I think that this advertisement was a success, i mean it was banned from TV so it was not available for children to see, and the company boomed!

  3. e11ie said,

    Can’t they be sued? Apparently, it’s deceptive. No way you can look like that in a swimsuit if you’re eating those horrendous burgers!

  4. nikipa said,

    Hi Linda,
    I agree with you as you said that people pay more attention to conrovelsal adverts. I think that it is a really good idea to show social problems (racism not Paris eating hamburgers) in this way because it makes people to think about it. Overall good blog and visual aids.

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