MTV safety commercial

January 8, 2008 at 8:57 pm (Uncategorized)

This controversial public safety campaign commercial has been regularly shown on British television, aimed at warning teens about road safety. The poor video quality was intentional, as the advert was shot entirely on a mobile (cell) phone.The campaign was very important because it highlighted the need for teenagers to pay attention when walking on the road. The shocking advert was filmed with a mobile phone camera, giving the feel of a home-made film. Teenagers muck around on the pavement. One of them goes to cross the road. He looks one way but not the other – a fatal mistake.

The idea of make such a controversial advert was very successful because the real situation in the advert makes people think, especially teenagers that playing with cell phones or iPods could be very dangerous, especially when not taking attention in the cities where heavy traffic occur very often. Such accidents occur every day and therefore it was important to make an advert which looks real and controversial because teenagers will remember it easily and probably will take more attention when crossing the street. MTV is worldwide television channel, very popular amongst young people and so putting such advertising campaign called THINK! on MTV  was very wise.

Another controversial advert, again distributed by MTV is commercial warning young people of sexual transmitted disease AIDS. The big issue of AIDS is being discussed for very long time and sadly, percentage of people being HIV positive is growing. This is why MTV made this TV commercial warning young people what can happen and why they should use protection. Such advert relate to the problem of sexual transmmited diseases such as AIDS, showing how stupidily a person can die.

Video below is showing the advert.


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